Efficient, Transparent and Future-Proof – Warehouse Optimisation

Starting in October, we will be deploying our new goods receipt software system – for logistics and warehouse – in a test phase to streamline our operations and further enhance customer satisfaction.

Our goals are well-defined:

  • Increased Transparency: We aim to create a transparent overview of all incoming pallets, ensuring that we always maintain a clear view of our inventory.
  • Faster Delivery of Purchased Goods: By automating processes and identifying purchased items as „Crossdocking Orders,“ we can expedite the delivery of our products to customers.
  • Process Automation: The newly developed apps automate the goods receipt process, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Resource Optimization: Leveraging tablets (i-Points) and a „reverse picking“ method, we optimize the storage and allocation of inspected items.

Our solution is built upon three new apps and a dashboard:

  • Accepting App: This app facilitates the allocation of delivery notes and pallets to continuous barcode labels, simplifying the booking of pallets to specific storage locations.
  • Dashboard: This monitor provides a visual overview of „unbooked“ pallets and storage spaces, aiding in the monitoring of the goods receipt process.
  • Enterprise Manager Goods Receipt (Desktop Program): This desktop application enables order searches, goods release, automated booking, and the management of Crossdocking Orders.
  • i-Points: Seven tablets are stationed in front of collection carts, where goods are booked into the warehouse.
  • Storing App: This app allows collection carts to be checked out from the i-Points, consolidating goods onto a „reverse picking“ list. Employees can transport the goods into the warehouse and allocate products to storage locations.

The technical implementation involves app development in our Android Goods Receipt App Framework by ebiscon GmbH. The desktop application, operating within our .NET environment with SQL Server and Integration Services, and the booking through Verastream Webservice were programmed by Ms. Moshynska. We have also commissioned an RPG program from CPL (ERP) to book goods and release deliveries for Crossdocking.

In future developments, we plan to introduce temporary storage spaces for purchased items from pallet customers and expand the dashboard’s to-do list to include customer orders. Furthermore, we will continue to refine the assignment of delivery notes to goods receipts.

With Goods Receipt 2.0, we are committed to efficiency, transparency, and future readiness, optimizing our logistics processes to provide our customers with an even better and faster service.

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