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Unlocking Lab Market Potential

With more than 50 years of market experience, we are a German-based, international company. We serve as the vital link between laboratory distributors and laboratory equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to optimize logistics, offer a comprehensive wholesale portfolio – including our own product line, maintain a robust supply chain, and provide data-driven promotions and insights. Partnering with us ensures sustained growth and strong market presence for companies specializing in laboratory distribution.

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Efficient and sustainable solutions for growth, such as the supply of laboratory equipment to laboratory dealers, marketing services, and membership in a profitable partner community.

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LLG is your gateway to a vast network of distributors eager to showcase your products. Extend your reach and take advantage of our services for increased visibility.

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LLG Labware

The exclusive brand of Lab Logistics Group. LLG-Labware stands for more than 2,500 products for daily laboratory needs, of tested quality and at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

LLG Labware

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Embrace a journey with LLG, where years of expertise meet innovation. Your fresh ideas and solution-driven mindset are key as we push the boundaries of lab logistics.