First class service and logistics for laboratory dealers (and suppliers)


Our 25,000 square metre warehouse can meet a wide range of storage requirements. We handle up to 1,000 deliveries a day and can offer a fast delivery service within 24-48 hours to 90% of Europe. As an exclusive supplier to over 500 companies, we continually focus on innovative solutions.


We’re your central hub for marketing and communications excellence. We run regular marketing campaigns and provide a global platform for learning, networking and expanding your horizons. With multilingual catalogs, customized flyers and an active social media presence, we keep you connected and informed. Our newsletters reinforce our role as a central communication hub, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on industry trends and LLG’s offerings.

Quality management

At LLG, quality management is an integral part of our entire organization. The responsibility for the effective quality management system lies with our management, ensuring the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and support to meet daily challenges and continuously enhance our processes. Our commitment to constant improvement involves regular process review, analysis, and innovation, focusing on incremental steps to ensure lasting enhancements that meet the needs of our valued customers.


Driven by the collaboration of 34 laboratory distributors worldwide, LLG operates with consolidated sales in excess of €700 million and a dedicated team of over 450 skilled sales representatives. As an operational hub, LLG provides essential services to its shareholders and distributors, enabling efficient economies of scale.

Global Distribution

LLG’s partner pricing formula is designed to help you navigate the landscape of global distribution, providing unparalleled value through a combination of LLG purchase and maintenance fees. Our consolidated purchasing practices leverage economies of scale, resulting in competitive pricing. With a robust portfolio backed by expert product management and forward-thinking strategies such as the Stockless Dealer approach, we are your trusted ally.

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Dr Andy Zöllner
Head of Product Management