As a Network of Independent Lab Equipment Businesses, We Fuel Distribution Success

Lab Commerce Synergy

As the link between laboratory distributors and equipment manufacturers, our mission is clear: streamline logistics, offer a comprehensive wholesale portfolio – including our own product line – maintain a stable supply chain, and provide data-driven promotions and insights. Partnering with us provides sustainable growth and a solid foothold in a competitive marketplace for companies specializing in the distribution of laboratory equipment.

  • 25.000 square meter area
  • More than 30 countries are
    our partners
  • More than 150.000 articles
  • Over 500 suppliers
    in the portfolio
  • More than 50 years

Our Mission

  • We improve your competitive edge
  • We facilitate your growth
  • We enhance your leadership
  • We increase your visibility

Our Vision

We strengthen the competitiveness of our partners and customers through the supply of high quality,
cost-effective products and first-class services

Hans Alfter

CEO der Lab Logistics Group GmbH

Established hub for laboratory logistics

As a strong international community of independent, medium-sized laboratory dealers, we are one of the most important players in our market. Many companies aspire to change the world – but very few have all the necessary elements: talent, resources and persistence. LLG has proven that it has all three in abundance.

I am convinced that LLG is a strong company in the laboratory world that you have to join if you want to make a difference.

I appreciate and live the principles and values of LLG, which are anchored in our DNA and we will continue to strive to provide the best service for our partners.

The support from the advisory board and management team is inspiring and our employees are proud of what they do. I am confident that there are good times ahead of us and that we will continue to develop LLG together.

As a community, we give our partners greater market relevance among manufacturers and provide services for our partners, particularly in the areas of purchasing, logistics, marketing and product portfolio.


LLG’s esteemed Leadership is made up of accomplished individuals, some with a long history with LLG, others with rich and prestigious professional experience. Together they form a dedicated and approachable team committed to guiding LLG’s journey with their expertise.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans Alfter
CEO & Managing Director

Hans Alfter owned a Dipl.-Ing. Diploma in Physical Engineering (Aachen) and an M.Sc. Diploma in Biomedical Engineering Sciences (Dundee, UK). He has been working in executive leadership positions in the areas of Med-Tec, Laboratory and Life Science for over 30 years.

Stefan Königshoven

Marcus Robichon

Matthias Trinberg

LLG Management

LLG’s management team is a dynamic group of authentic individuals. Each brings a unique blend of professionalism, accessibility and reliability. Their goal is to develop LLG’s services for our valued suppliers and partners, create an excellent work culture, and lead a forward-thinking company.

Yvonne Bartz
Head of Customer Service

Dominique Diwo
Head of Customs

Andreas Kleinschnittger
Head of Quality-Management

Jasmin Nassiry
Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung

Jürgen Minich
Head of Logistic

Nadine Pongratz

Dennis Postler
Head of Logistic

Christiane Schneidler
Head of Datamanagement

Judit Vas
Head of Marketing

Dr. Andy Zöllner
Head of Produktmanagement