LLG Makes It Possible to Airfreight Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods comes with a set of complex regulations that vary depending on the mode of transport. Air transport regulations are the most restrictive and hence the most challenging to comply with. Transporting batteries or devices containing batteries poses particular challenges, such as packaging them without flammable materials.

To transport dangerous goods by air, it is mandatory to have personnel trained and certified by an officially recognized trainer. LLG has, in recent months, trained and certified three employees to create the required shipper’s declaration for air transport. An additional ten colleagues are authorized to pack the dangerous goods safely.

LLG has also purchased special packaging material for air transport, such as tested cardboard boxes, special adhesive tape, and approved security devices to pack the dangerous goods safely. The company has successfully sent the first test shipments.

Despite the introduction of new procedures and processes, LLG believes that mistakes are opportunities to learn and continually improve. There may be mistakes in the initial phase, but LLG is committed to providing reliable shipping of dangerous goods by air freight as an additional service in the future.

In conclusion, LLG has taken significant steps to comply with the complex regulations for air transport of dangerous goods. The company has trained and certified employees, purchased special packaging materials, and successfully sent test shipments. LLG is optimistic about offering this additional service in the future, with a commitment to continually improving its processes.

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